News & Press Releases - January 14, 2019

Frontmatec to acquire leading Spanish equipment distributor Intecal

Frontmatec, the leading global supplier of customized equipment, solutions and software for the red meat industry has entered into an agreement to acquire the leading Spanish distributor and service provider of food tech equipment, Intecal – Industrial Técnico Alimentaria, S.A

The global demand for red meat is increasing along with a growing global population. Spain has been especially successful in meeting this demand and increased its production to become the largest producer of pork meat in Europe. The acquisition marks another step in Frontmatec’s ambition to become the global preferred supplier of equipment, projects, automation and robotics by strengthening its position on the attractive Spanish market. Besides being a leading national distributor, Intecal also offers excellent service which is an important area that Frontmatec is keen to expand.


Frontmatec CEO, Henrik Andersen:

“With Intecal becoming part of Frontmatec, we will strengthen our position on this vital market significantly. Along with the recent partnership with AIRA, Frontmatec is now the undisputed global leader in automation and robotics to the red meat industry and we are confident that the Spanish market will welcome this deal of combining the excellent sales and service capabilities of Intecal with the broad product offering of Frontmatec.”


The current owner and founder of Intecal, Manel Bernado, will continue together with Oscar Bernado and Frontmatec Spain General Manager Francesc Agusti to form the new management of Frontmatec – Intecal.


Manel Bernado said about the acquisition:

“Frontmatec is an excellent fit for Intecal. Frontmatec has a very broad product offering and strong project capabilities within red meat which I am confident will benefit our customers greatly. It is obvious that Spain is an important market for Frontmatec and I am convinced that Intecal together with Frontmatec Spain and AIRA Robotica, both with whom we have a very good relationship, will grow together to become the preferred supplier to the food industry in Spain.”


Speaking about possible changes to the future business set-up, Manel added:

“We will continue working with our long-standing business partners – they are all complementary to the strong product offering of Frontmatec and we will continue supporting our customers in Spain with best-in-class support and service which Intecal is renowned for.



About Frontmatec

Frontmatec develops world-leading customized solutions for automation in the food industry, other hygiene sensitive industries and the utilities industry. We are especially renowned for our high-quality systems for the entire value chain in the meat industry – from hygiene systems to control systems, from carcass grading to harvest lines, from cutting and deboning lines to logistics and packaging. Frontmatec employs more than 1200 employees in 10 countries with a turnover of 250M EUR.


Since its foundation in 1983, Intecal has pioneered in the import of modern food tech equipment in Spain now commonly used in kill lines and deboning plants, including CO2 stunning systems, vertical scalding systems, circular knives, and cutting saws. Intecal has continuously invested in adaption of new skills and capabilities in automation technologies and robotics in order to serve the Spanish red meat industry as the leading distributor and service partner. Located in Barcelona, Intecal employees 20 highly experienced employees